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Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry strive to enhance its ability to meet the market demands and at the same time reducing fugitive emissions and production costs. Our seals are the remedy to the leaking issue, as they prevent the stationary equipment from leaking from the beginning.

Nowadays, refineries face health, safety, and environmental requirements which affect product specifications and need considerable capital investment. TOPBON works closely with major oil refineries all over the world to provide customised sealing solutions for stationary equipment, helping them to face these challenges more easily.

Equipment ServiceTopbon provides plant equipment maintenance as well as repair, removal and reinstallation services.
Reliability SupportTopbon reliability support services assess equipment reliability and performance
Asset ManagementTopbon offers customers a whole view of their current systems to help spot unleveraged opportunities.
TrainingTopbon provides a wide range of training courses that cover the correct procedures for installing, operating and maintaining equipment components.